Gosia is under a huge impression of surrounding world and she is getting inspiration from it. It can be still life, nature and accidental situations from every day life. She describes it in a very emotional way of painters language. Colors in her paintings penetrate each other, they’re full of vibration, fully covering the canvas. It shows ours eyes the unsaid world so interesting. Gosia set up a place for personal involvement in her artworks. Still life, flowers, postures, nudes, are a pretext to show something what is going on under the surface of everything, and the material world (reality) surrounding us should not to be so tough but full of colours.
Ewa Majka
I am trying to show a difficult world and gorgeous parts of it. It can be full of personal problems, every day rules, emotional involvements, people nature and tough decisions, landscapes, still life, belongings, flowers places, stories. It fascinates me how wonderful it can be to notice a beautiful part of these worlds and describe it on the canvas. The power of color and energy of the palette knife comes from inside. It is an unforgettable feeling when it comes and transforms on the canvas into some topic with a huge energy. Painting is my passion and I treat it in a personal way. I am graduated from the Faculty of Painting in prof. John Szancenbach and Slawomir Karpowicz at the Academy of Fine Arts (Diploma 2000). Annex to the diploma – graphic design studio of Professor Peter Kunce – Poster.

Gosia Adamczak

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